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LSONIC EP and NLGI3 are high performance multi-purpose lithium based grease, suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive application.

Product Features

It is engineered to provide a long service life in a broad range of applications. EP lithium grease are fortified with a multifunctional olymer, rust and corrosion inhibitors to give protection for a wide range of applications and service conditions. These products also have a good oxidation resistance.


These are recommended for industrial machineries, rolling element bearings in steel mills,quarry, marine, agricultural, mining, construction machinery, drilling, conveyours,elevators, chains, pulleys, cranes, shafts, automotive applications where water and temperature resistance up to 1800°C is required. EP is highly recommended for aplications where high loads are applied.

SAE Grade
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500 gm.
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1 Kg.
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2 Kg.
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5 Kg.
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10 Kg.
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18 Kg.
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