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Casting Mould Oil

Lsonic Casting Mould Oil is developed to be used as lubricant and mould release agent at the process of Steel Continous Casting. Product is non-toxic and is not harmful for human nature and the environment.


Our Product provides you the benefits of using our Oil at the Steel Plant:

  • Casting Mould Oil forms a very strong lubricating layer between solidifying metal and mould guaranteeing prevention of both metal and mould surface.
  • Casting Mould Oil increases the life of Mould about 30%.
  • Casting Mould Oil forms a good lubricating film on the surface of mould not allowing solidifying metal adhesion to the mould
  • The vapor formed during casting is non-toxic and irritating.
  • Casting Mould Oil provides easy and fast solidification of metal by providing high rate heat removal from metal.
  • Casting Mould Oil gives very good performance at elevated temperatures with the aid of its well selected additives.
  • Casting Mould Oil increases the quality of metal surface.
1 Flash Point Above 300c
2 Specific Gravity 0.900gms/cm
3 Colour Light & Clear
4 Neutralisation 1-4 mg KOH/gm oil
5 Viscosity Kinematic @ 40 C 42 to 50 Centistokes
6 Saponification Value 170-180
7 Moisture Contents 100ppm (max)
8 Iodine Value 92-115
9 Storage Non- Freeze/Poor